About Lehman’s Deli

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Lehman’s is remarkably simple. We abide by the golden rule, treating each customer the way we would like to be treated. Everyone at Lehman’s takes great pride in the freshness and quality of the food we serve. We picture our customers as guests in our home. By the way, we really do have the best customers! Young and old, we know their names and where they work, who their children are, where they go to school and how their teams are doing. They are our friends and neighbors. However, the real difference here is the people. Lehman’s has been blessed with the finest staff one could ever hope for. It is truly a pleasure to introduce the Lehman’s deli staff. The nicest, hardest working people imaginable. They are the real reason for our success.

Things to Know About Lehman’s Deli

  • We cook our own roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, chicken breast and turkey breast.
  • We bake almost all the desserts in our store
  • We have been in business since 1983, that’s 35 years!
  • We make over 140 different soups
  • There are nearly 100 different sandwiches on our menu
  • You can invent your own sandwiches. If we have the ingredients we’ll make it for you
  • You can get half a sandwich if you like
  • We can make you a surprise sandwich. Many people stop in and say “I’m not sure what I want, Surprise me!
  • We make breakfast sandwiches ALL DAY on Saturdays
  • We really do have the best customers!!

Our Favorite Foods

  • George – Seafood Salad Pita, Black-eyed Pea Salad
  • Nikki – Asian Flank Steak, Tuna Melt, & a Nikki custom surprise.  Lots of people ask Nikki to surprise them with one of her concoctions
  • Tara – 2013-Niner-Red-Paso Robles, Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, & Banana Cake
  • Julie – Tuna Melt, Asian Flank Steak, & Banana Cake
  • Lexi – Reuben Sandwich, Chicken Dumpling Soup, & M&M Cookies
  • Siena – Italian Sub, BBQ Pork Sandwich, California Cobb
  • Claire – Hot Italian Sub, Tuna Melt, Chicken Noodle Soup with Hot Sauce
  • Mike – Jerk Chicken Soup, Reuben Sandwich, Asian Flank Steak

Our Staff

George 4


George has been the owner of Lehman’s Deli since 1983.



You may know her as @sugarfixlisa on Instagram or maybe have ordered from company Sugar Fix CLE . She’s a local baker with the core belief that if you follow time honored traditions and techniques in Baking (also known as Heritage Baking) then there is no need to hide or compromise flavor, texture, or design under a layer of artificial “foo-foo” ingredients. We’re excited to have her join the team and be baking along side Tara in our new Lehman’s Bakery expansion.


Julie has been part of the Lehman’s Team since just after her high school graduation. When she is not being a busy mother of two beautiful girls, you can find her here making sure that all her customers are being well taken care of. She has a witty generous spirit and plays a mean game of Words with Friends.



We first met Nikki when she was 10. She used to help her father’s company wax our floors after we closed. She started working at Lehman’s in 2004. She is our soup maker and also does a lot of the food ordering. If you place your order with Nikki she will remember it forever. Don’t believe me, test her. When not at Lehman’s, Nikki spends time at home with her husband, daughters and two German Shepherds. She enjoys movies and sappy love songs (much to everyone’s chagrin). In spite of having a busy schedule, she still finds time to be an active member in the Lions Club. Nikki is the best! She puts a smile on everyone’s face.


Matt is the first to lend a helping hand and has an uncanny ability to know just what everyone needs. He is just as quick with a joke. When he is not at Lehman’s you can find this quipster chillin’ with a cold one while spiking one mean volleyball.



The guy on the grill wearing the ball cap is Mike. He brings an outside perspective to Lehman’s, having worked at other restaurants. Our vegetable sandwiches, hummus, soups and many of our specials are his inspiration. Mike is an avid Tribe fan and we are glad to have him on board. In his own words, “I am very sweet. “

               Mary     1965-2018

               Mary We Miss You!!

In the fall of 2006, Mary came to Lehman’s to fill in for Kathy when she injured her hand and she has been here ever since. Mary’s many titles include “Self-Appointed Official Lehman’s Taste-Tester”, “In-House Print Designer” and the most recent title, “UnWine Blogger”. Read her seasonal wine recommendations on our web site or stop in and ask for food and wine pairings. She has a Level 2 Award from the Wine Spirit Education Trust and loves to talk about the vine. Her favorite color is magenta, the color of universal balance and harmony.


Tara never stops working. She starts at 7 AM and can be seen here many days at 7 PM. She does most of the baking, and makes many of the sweet treats in our coolers. Tara has an unbelievable work ethic and has the ability to do a lot of things at the same time. She started at Lehman’s when she was 15 to help supplement her paper route. Tara’s three sisters Tracy, Kerri, and Megan have also worked at Lehman’s. Tara enjoys gardening and sewing. Her favorite color is red. —Why? Because it is




This friendly college freshman divides her time between working at Lehman’s, shopping, hiking and listening to a wide variety of music. Although she is not an adult yet, she likes to color in Grown-Up coloring books and always colors outside the lines.



The shortest member of our little team is Siena. She is the fourth youngest in a family of seven and a sophomore at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania. She is a double major in Intelligence and Russian Studies, as well as a minor in French Language. She enjoys learning languages and is currently studying German for fun!

Lexi and Abbey

Lexi and Abbey both went to Westlake High School. Abbey is outgoing and friendly. She loves the outdoors and is now at Ohio University studying Broadcast Journalism. Her favorite sandwich is the Asian Flank Steak special. Lexi has been working at Lehman’s for five years and bakes some of the delicious treats on the front counter. Lexi also enjoys hiking, camping, and going to music festivals. Her favorite sandwich is the Turkey Guacamole Club special.  They’re both very nice people and we are happy to work with them.


Sarah started working in January of 2017. She is the youngest of 6, and when she’s not watching movies with her siblings, you can find her listening to music, hiking, or playing board games with her friends. She recently graduated from Westlake High School, and plans on studying at LCCC to become a Physical Therapy Assistant.


Andrea, a Westlake High graduate, became a member of the Lehman’s family in April of 2017. She keeps Matt and Mike on their best behavior at work in the morning. You can thank her for all the beautiful salads you see in the front cooler. Her favorite color is purple and outside of her work days she enjoys traveling, camping, attending music festivals, and spending time with her friends, family, and kitten named Milo.



Alexis is a wonderful person to have on our team, she’s friendly, always smiling and hugs EVERYONE! She enjoys shot gunning red bulls in the back and talking about her pets that are all named after rock stars. When she’s not at work you’ll find her camping in the woods, attending concerts or going to museums.


Alex is quite the jokester when he’s not busy scuba diving or playing lacrosse for Westlake High School. He is in his junior year and supposedly doesn’t have a favorite color. He started working here in June of 2018 and his favorite sandwich is our breakfast bacon egg and cheese. This guy also likes to talk sports, GO BUCKS! Sorry Kathy 😉


Faith is our very own sweetheart that always has a smile on her face. She began working at Lehman’s June of 2018. Her favorite sandwich is our popular hot corned beef. When she’s not busy being kind to customers shes drawing, running track and looking at dog pictures. She’s a junior at Olmsted Falls and is 1 of 11 siblings!