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Pinot Noir Holiday

By August 18, 2015No Comments

I don’t really need a reason to to open a bottle of wine, but it is always nice to have my latest obsession justified. Which is why this August 18th I will be embedding in a nice Pinot Noir.

2013 Kings Ridge Oregon Pinot Noir

2013 Kings Ridge Oregon Pinot Noir

National Pinot Noir Day is August 18th. Thank God the powers that be made it official. This wine is a perfect transition  from your summer whites into your fuller reds. It is a temperamental varietal that is versatile and very easy to drink. It can be served before, during and after dinner. It pairs well with both white and red meats . Is it a coincidence that this Holiday ( yes, i am calling it a Holiday) falls when there is a hint of  cooler weather ahead?

A lot of people ask me what Pinot’s do I like better. Califorian or Oregon? My answer is I like both. Just like I like Michigan and Ohio State. Gasp! I like the lush fruit foward notes of a velvety Pinot from Napa and Sonoma just as much as I like the complex earthy acidity of Pinots from Willamette Valley. But the bottle that is breathing  right now is a Willamette Valley Grown Pinot Noir from the Union Wine Company.  The first thing I notice about this wine is how light in color it is. Light ruby with touch of brown. You can definitely see though the glass.  Next.  Notes of red berry and floral; like cherry,  cranberry and geranium. Along with the notes, on the palette there is a sweet smoky spice with a peppery finish.  This dry wine has soft tannins. If you are so inclined, you could serve this wine chilled. I might add that Lehman’s Deli Honey Goat Cheese and Walnuts would be a perfect paring.

” I am a wine enthusist. The more wine I drink, the more enthusiastic I become” ~ unknown


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