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Smokin’ Hot Summer

By July 8, 2016No Comments
Let’s get Fired Up!

Long Summer Days are finally here and it is time to enjoy a crazy-good smoked meat sandwich. We have been very busy perfecting our methods for smoking meat to be at it’s juiciest, smokiest best.

Smokers require a low heat with a long cooking time. The meat is further away from the heat source so it takes a lot of patience and attention monitoring the temperature. It is important to keep the heat low and slowly bring up the temperature for more tender meat. Each piece must have enough open space for the smoke to circulate around.

Smoke dances around our suspended Pork

Smoke dances around our suspended Pork

Choosing the right wood for smoking is just as important to impart a wonderful deep flavor. Applewood infuses a mild slightly sweet flavor. Cherrywood gives the meat a mild sweet fruity taste. Hickorywood provides a more moderate-pungent smokey, bacon-like flavor. Mesquite produces the big, strong , bold, smokey wallop.

Now you may notice as you bite into one of our popular Pork Loin Sandwiches that there is a touch of pink or red in the outside layer of the slice of Pork Loin. Don’t panic! It doesn’t mean that the meat is not cooked. This is what is known as the “Smoke Ring”. It is highly desirable. Here are some of the reasons why Lexi says “Something smoked this good should be illegal.” :

  • Pastrami Sandwich or Sub
  • Pork Loin Sandwich
  • BBQ Pork Sandwich
  • Beef Briskett Sandwich with a Texas-style Grill Sauce
    Pastrami in the process of greatness...

    Pastrami in the process of greatness… absurdly good spiced-rubbed Pastrami Brisket

    Greatness…an absurdly good spiced-rubbed Pastrami Brisket


So now that you know just how dedicated we are to the art of the smoker, we are going to share some of the love. Come into Lehman’s Deli between July 11-July 30 and vote for one of the above favorites. You will get a chance to receive a $10.00 Lehman’s Deli Gift Card to buy even more great Smoked Meat Sandwiches! How cool is that?




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