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The Dog Days of Summer Wrap-Up

By October 5, 2017No Comments
The Dog Days of Summer Wrap-Up

The outside temps are crazy high this fall, especially for Cleveland. We’re not complaining. That gives us here more time to make what is continually becoming a fast customer favorite…..a growing assortment of wraps.

The wrap sandwich is not new to Lehman’s Deli. A long time ago (like 15 years), before The Atkin’s Diet made bread a dirty word, the wrap was a front cooler staple. On your lunch hour you could stop in and get a Deli Meat Wrap, such as Turkey, and be on your way.¬† Maybe we were ahead of ourselves and the timing wasn’t right or the concept was too new that led to its departure. Whatever the reason, Lehman’s patrons weren’t ready for the wrap. Over the years, we would get a request or two from customers for the wrap and try again, but to no avail. Fast forward to the Summer of 2017. Foodies want new and exceptional ways to eat. The Wrap is back and it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Filling a Need:

Time is short and you know what that means when you only have a half hour lunch break. Wraps are the perfect solution for busy people who are on the move. They are portable, hand-held packages of goodies all tucked-up and bundled for your convenience. We have been having a lot of fun experimenting with the endless possibilities and flexibility of the wrap. Traditionally, wraps are 12″ in diameter as opposed to our thick sliced bread which is 7″ wide. This gives¬† our culinary crew a larger surface area to let the ingredients take center stage. Even if some of the fillings are drenched in dressing, like our Buffalo Chicken Wrap, it is still foldable and pliable.

Another way to add a layer of character to the wrap sandwich is the variety of flavors that it comes in. For instance, Garlic and Herb, Whole Grain or Spinach compliment our Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap. The Sun-Dried Tomato or Roasted Red Pepper are great with the Southwest Chicken Wrap.

So the next time your in and you want to try something new, ask for a wrap. We can help you choose the right one for you.

“Nothing brings people together like good food”


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